What does a musician do during lockdown?  With so much time to sit and think, that's exactly what I have done.  I've thought about repertoire and technique and how they are brought together and I've only entertained positive thoughts about where we are now and the future.

I've also questioned the guitars and how I use them which included acquiring three additional instruments.  Whilst I'm an advocate of contemporary technologies I've moved back to valve amplifiers and the glorious tones you can get.

The pedal board was dismantled with only three essential devices being kept, the MXR Micro Amp, the Cry Baby wah pedal and a Danelectro Wasibi delay pedal for occasional use.

Post lockdown is an exciting prospect as the guitarist I am now is a very different one to before all of this disruption.  I've had the opportunity to get focused and ready for a reinvigorated era in live music.  Stay healthy, stay sharp, stay hungry.